Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Game Movie Season - Another Title Announced

Another video game movie is in the works, and it might not be a title you would have expected: Firewatch. Developed by Campo Santo, Firewatch is a first person mystery adventure taking place in a national forest. You play as one of the fire lookouts employed at the forest, and must solve a series of strange events taking place around the park. Guided by your supervisor Delilah via walkie-talkie, you set about the landscape to resolve the odd occurrences, as the game unfolds into a larger mystery to solve. The graphics pay homage to Team Fortress in the character designs. The script and dialogue are quirky and charming. It's a fun, and beautiful game to play.

The team at the movie production company Good Universe want to take Firewatch and transform it into the new gaming movie. The company has produced 'Neighbors' and the recently released 'Don't Breathe.' It's a young studio.

The deal between Campo Santo and Good Universe is slated to span multiple movies and games, allowing for more tie-ins and marketing opportunities.

Why Firewatch and not Gears of War? While I'm surprised by the choice, I think Firewatch could translate well to a movie format - so long as they keep some of the sarcastic, joyful bantering and not change the tale to be a full-on horror movie. That would be a disaster. Firewatch has a charisma that other games don't have in the way they tell the story, detail the characters, and bring the game world to life. If you want an action-filled film with big budget effects, then go with Gears of War. But! Beware of the curse. Even with the good numbers of the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider movies, most game flicks are a flop. Going with big name titles does not guarantee success.

Firewatch is the type of game that compels gamers and non-gamers alike by providing different content. As long as Good Universe doesn't muck up the story, it should be a good film. Should.


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