Twitch And The Ever-Expanding World of Streaming

Twitch wants to be the go-to for all streaming content. That's what co-founder Emmett Shear spoke on at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Even before it was purchased by Amazon, Twitch was making waves online as the premiere site for streaming video games, more than any other video site out there. Though that billion dollar purchase from Amazon does help sweeten the pot just a bit...

The Amazon deal has allowed the company to grow and take on new aspects of the streaming world that they couldn't dive into before. Such as the "Twitch Creative" market where streamers of all art backgrounds are asked to showcase the making of their content live, and online. It's become a great source for digital artists and cosplayers. There's a demand by the non-gamer side for more live streamed content. Who knows! In a few years you could be going to Twitch for dinner recipes or homework help from a certified math teacher. Twitch has been experimenting with programming such as 'The Joy of Painting.' The interest is there. It's a matter of how to develop it properly without Twitch falling flat on their face.

Shear admits that the strategy has yet to be determined. It's in the works and will constantly change with the streaming audience, but it's there. And if they can find the perfect system for it, Twitch could easily overtake YouTube on original content. It would only a matter of time.