Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Yesterday was National Video Games Day! I celebrated by playing a lot of Pokémon Y with my shiny new 3DS. Because, why not? Caught a Pikachu in my first hour of game play. I consider that a win.

A bevy of news sites and gaming resources celebrated with articles from all walks of gaming life; from informative to silly. Here's a collage of all the news from yesterday in a bite-sized chunk for your reading pleasure:

- Riot has been around for 10 years and they've only released one game. That's Blizzard level of production, when you get down to it, but they are still popular with 100 million users monthly captured playing League of Legends. The founders sat down with the LA Times to talk about how the studio was created.

- Who's ready for a list? It's a helping of the 6 most controversial games, ever! As reported by one guy on We Got This Covered. Take a huge bag of salt with you if you dive into this list. It'll cause you to roll your eyes.

- Want to get into gaming but you're not a gamer? Forbes created a list of 9 games just for you. Here's the thing, a lot of these games are non-traditional. They are not platformers, RPG's, or first person shooters that make up most of the landscape. They list games like Life is Strange and Papers, Please as games to play for newbies. I'm not sure if this is a good way to go. Yes, they are great games. Thought provoking and definitive of the unique content that games can offer. But after you play them, what's a newbie to do? Picking up Call of Duty is not going to feel like second nature, but rather an insult to the person when they know better content is out there.

Actually. Scratch that. Good call Forbes. More Life is Strange. Less Call of Duty.

- Cloud Gaming! It's kind of a thing? But not the revolutionary transformation some were hoping for. We know the cloud for storing our saved game files when stupid happens and we have to format our PC's, or accidentally delete game files off our consoles. Tech company LiquidSky wants to try and make cloud gaming work, again. With the cloud, it can offer more resources to gamers and developers at faster speeds then a computer, and with less worry about storage space. Everything is handled digitally, so content can be produced, and viewed, with ease. The problem has been getting both sides on board. Developers will only move to the platform if users are there. And users will only go if there's good content from developers. Read up on the Time's article for more info.

- "Digital forensics meets cultural preservation" as scientists work on restoring old video games. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has been working on maintaining a library of games, boxes, and manuals - some that have never been released to the public. This is a must read article!

- Since yesterday was National Video Game Day, we need to remember our roots with the history of Pac-Man. Upload has a mega-extensive look back at how Pac-Man came to be, his transformation of gaming culture, and his influences today including VR. Yep. Pac-Man VR is a thing.

- Finally Rob Pardo, whom you may know as one of the founding fore-fathers of World of Warcraft, has just secured $25 million from investors to create Bonfire Studios. A few people from Blizzard are following him to the new studio, and they are hiring. It's unsure what market the studio is going to target, but all eyes will be on it to see how it will fare against Activision-Blizzard.


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