Monday, October 31, 2016

Gaming Companies Retaliate Against Strike by Complaining on the Internet

We can argue semantics and who's side is "right" or "wrong" regarding the voice actor strike against several gaming developers. But this is a move that only gaming companies would do and it's kind of petty. Activision, EA, and Take-Two are looking to discredit SAG-AFTRA and it's leadership by putting up a website about it. They're complaining on the internet about something they don't like. How ironic. Or maybe it's meta?

The website is already being dismissed by SAG and they have requested for it to be removed as it's using trademarks and logos that make the site look like it's officially from SAG. Even the web address of sagaftravideogames can be very misleading.

The website offers a breakdown of the situation and what the gaming companies were willing to offer to SAG-AFTRA. They also hammered home that this affects less then 25% of voice actors working in the industry.

"A prolonged strike only benefits non-union video game producers and non-union performance interests within the video game industry. It will also discourage the unorganized majority of developers and publishers from working with SAG-AFTRA in the future."

This barb is ideal for the gaming companies (involved in the strike), as a means to get SAG to concede to their terms sooner rather then later. A number of union members may find it difficult to obtain work after this ends if there isn't a quick resolution that is amicable on both sides.

The drama continues!!

By the way, SAG-AFTRA updated their website to include a list of games that the strike affects. Some are products that have already released, while others are DLC or expansion packs to base games, such as The Sims 4.


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