Using Fitbit to Help Your 2K Game!

Fitbit and 2K Sports have announced a partnership to reward players who are active in exercising. Starting November 25th, if you have a Fitbit you can sync it to your copy of NBA2K17. And then walk 10,000 steps. Walk 10k in a day and you'll receive an in-game bonus: a 5 point buff to your MyPlayer stats that lasts for 5 games. The more you walk, the longer that bonus will last.

This is different from the Wii console of the Microsoft Kinect that have games that allow you to utilize motion controls to play. With the partnership, Fitbit and 2K are trying to get players to be active. You need to do actual exercise to receive the game bonus.

The MyPlayer feature allows users to make their own custom NBA player. As you play, you gain experiences and stat bonuses - but it's a slow process. So having that extra boost from a Fitbit can be beneficial.

You can learn more about the program here. But there you go. Games are still trying to make us exercise. What jerks! :)