Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Man. Long week has been hell-long. I think we can all agree that 2016 has sucked the big one and we are ready to move on to 2017 and maybe the universe will stop screwing around with us. But hopefully I can lighten the mood a little bit with the Weekly Link Round Up!

- Breaking News! VR is not just for video games! Yes, that was sarcasm. And if you didn't know that VR could be used for multiple applications, then I can't help you. No one can.

- The real world sucks right now, and a number of people may be turning to video games for comfort. Heather Alexandria's op-ed piece on Kotaku right now is fitting for the mood as we look for heroes to make the world a better place. Which digital characters inspire you?

- Hate video games? Then why are you here? IGN has a list of 11 games that are great for non-gamers. Maybe you want to quiet your gaming friend who keeps bugging you to join them on their other-worldly adventures. Or maybe you are interested in games but don't know where to start. The list is okay - there are a few games here that are not newbie friendly. Skyrim? Really? Until Dawn? What? But Lego Star Wars and Nidhogg get a thumbs up here for new gamers.

- Curious about how the voice actor strike is going? SAG-AFTRA picketed Insomniac Games yesterday, with over 350 showing up to march. And neither side is letting up. Nearly a month into the strike and there has been no consensus on how to move forward. The response from SAG is pretty blunt: "We’re open to coming to the table when the employers are open to a serious negotiation.” So what's the deal devs?

-The FBI and IRS have just busted open a $16 million dollar scheme involving EA's FIFA games. As reported a month ago, the UK has their own investigation going on regarding a YouTuber and gambling with FIFA. But this scheme in the US was more malicious. Four men, at various locations around the country, were able to break in and instruct the servers into believing that thousands of in-game matches were complete and collect on the game currency. Then they sold the currency for real-world money. With the recent issues revolving around this game, EA will probably be looking into clamping down on the game-money exchange market for future releases.

- Game companies are finally realizing that we all want swag and cool gear to wear. This year in particular has been a major boost in nerd-ware are retailers. And Christmas will be no different. Check out the sweaters and jumpers that are available. The N7 Mass Effect one is my favorite.

- Hello Games, the developer behind No Man's Sky, has been smacked this week. Head designer Gareth Bourn has left to work at a rival studio. And they have been given a warning by The Game Awards that future content will have to be screened prior to show and ensure the content matches what's in the game. That last one is going to have a resounding effect as The Game Awards preps for their December show. Instead of trailers, there will be more focus on game play and finished content, less on hype. The show feels some responsibility for how fans reacted to No Man's Sky and wants to provide more transparency to viewers.


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