Hey Commenters. Be Kind. Rewind.

I'm a little peeved today. Logged in to the blog to see 3 "lovely" comments full of crude, derogatory or sexually charged content that required my attention. That being Report - Ban - Delete. I typically don't give these comments any further review beyond those actions. My time is more valuable then to waste it on internet trolls who want to harass me.

However lately it's been much more pervasive. Sadly I'm accustomed to seeing 1-2 posts every few weeks that require me to report, ban, and delete. Last week I had 15 in one day. Fifteen. That's a lot for someone with a low online social presence. With 30k monthly hits here, 15 would be overkill as well.

Why did this start up all of a sudden? I don't know. The content was across multiple platforms, including my social media profiles as well as here. I'm speculating on this, but my only guess is that someone must have been bored, saw something I posted and went on a spree because they didn't a) agree with my comments, b) hate that I'm a girl talking about video games, or c) both a and b. I don't know - there's no way to link the comments and all I can do is hope that the piss-poor harassment reporting systems do their job.

Here's the deal people: I'm not deleting comments where people are disagreeing with my posts. I've had quite a few discussions through the commenting system with others. I like talking things out! I know my opinions are not the end-all, be-all. There are plenty of points of views out there and I want to hear what others think/believe, including disagreements.

But what I won't tolerate are people straight up harassing me, my family, my friends, using offensive language (and I worked at GameStop customer service, so if you can offend me you have crossed a line that only Satan would have created), sexual language, or anything of the sort, then yes. Your comment will be removed without hesitation.

TLDR: I like comments on this blog. This is your friendly reminder to not be a dick. Be civil and I'll be happy to start a dialogue with you.