Geek Spot 2016 Year in Review

It's Over! 2016 is done! Fina-to! Finished! It's vamoosed! Gone, gone, gone! Yea!

Now we have 2017 to deal with, which could arguably be way worse then what 2016 brought on us.

But let's not get into the heavy content just yet. It's only day 3 of the new year, and we should revel in the fact that 2016 is no more. At least until January 7th. By then a full week has passed and all bets are off.

As part of the tradition of The Geek Spot, one of the first posts of the new year is a review of the content posted last year. Using the information provided by Blogger as well as a stat counter, it's fun to see which people are visiting this blog, how often, and what topics catch your interest. And sometimes it's funny. Here are the results of another year of The Geek Spot:

Top Searched Terms: violent video games, apb, anime classroom, ubisoft, porn game

All Points Bulletin (APB) knocked Banjo Kazooie out of the top 5! I mentioned APB twice this year, focusing on what happens to MMO's after their worlds shut down, and life after java. The rest of the search terms are par for the course. Porn always manages to make it into the search list, though there is no pornographic content on this site. So do violent video games and my one panel overview of using anime in a classroom setting. Oh and Ubisoft, because they are just as much fun to pick on as EA.

Referral Sites: All the Googles! This year the numbers of readers increased by nearly 15,000 (HOW?) and they all came from the Google. The Geek Spot's internal search engine took second place with Google UK in third.

Browser: Chrome is still king at 39%, and Firefox is right behind at 28%. Some of you are still rocking IE old-school at 21%, and there are a few Safari lovers at 5%. My guess is that Safari = mobile, because there are only so many Apple computers out there, and it's not the go-to-system for games. Sadly the PSP has dropped off the radar.

Country: The USA is still on the top for 2016 readers, making up over 58% of the audience, at least a 20% increase from last year. The remaining 4, Germany, France, Russia, and the UK are constantly swapping seats with each other every year. Russia came in second with France not far behind, only 10k difference in numbers.

Most Viewed Posts: This one is fun to review. With only looking at readership numbers from 2016, this section typically includes older posts.

The Feminist Stance on Bayonetta - 13,949. I think at this point we can assume this will always be a staple on the Top 5 most viewed posts every year. Heck, this was mentioned in an academic article so there will always be people linking to it, and/or reading.

Academic Anime - Anime in the Classroom - 10,888. Also another constant on the most viewed posts. And "word porn." Lulz.

Fallout 4 Nearly Broke the Internet of Porn - 9,999. First off, who was that one person who did not click on this article to give it an even 10k? How dare you. Second, porn! It seems like anytime porn is mentioned on this site, people will click on it. Does not matter how incredibly tame the article is. Keyword Porn = click. If I wasn't so darn honorable, every post here would have a porn keyword.

What Can We Learn From Bad Games? - 8,950. According to this readership, a lot can be learned from bad games! I wasn't expecting this to be such a hot article, but thanks for surprising me.

PAX West 2016 - The Review! - 7,249. This is a pretty straight forward article chronicling my adventures at PAX West. It was my largest convention of the year, and as a first time attendee I did my best to soak up the excitement. I guess it translated well, since over 7,200 of you read the article. While I won't be returning this next year, I do have SDCC on the docket as well as BlizzCon. So maybe there will be an equally as great post to make up for the lack of PAX?

Let's make 2017 not suck. Get out there. Be active. Make a difference in  your community. And don't forget to wash your hands.