Steam Hits Highest User Rate

As more options for buying games digitally have appeared over the years, Steam is still king of bit mountain. The lord of the internet tubes. The scion of pixel entertainment.

On January 7th they reigned in over 14 million concurrent users. That means 14 million people were on Steam at the same time. What were those people doing? They could be playing a game, chatting with friends, browsing the store (the Winter Sale was present during this time), running updates, or letting Steam sit in the background while they had their computers running. It doesn't matter. 14 million is a lot of people to be using a service at the same time.

At it's peak time, nearly 1 million were playing Defense of the Ancients 2 (DoTA), and 675 thousand people were playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In total Steam has over 125 million people signed up to it's platform (this statistic is outdated, from February of 2015 and needs a refresher). The PlayStation Network has over 100 million, while XBox Live still falls behind at under 50 million (those fees, man). But to have that many people using your system concurrently is unheard of. The growth of digital gaming is there, and those companies who are not on board are sure to see a hit in their sales soon enough.