Monday, February 06, 2017

A Super Hero Game to Best Them All?

Marvel and Square Enix (SE). It seems like a good match for video game content and could finally yield us a good Marvel game. Super hero games, in general, are fairly lack luster. The LEGO style games and the Batman: Arkham series are the only bright lights in a sea of utter disasters. Superman 64 anyone? At their press conference for Final Fantasy's 30th year, SE announced that it was teaming up with Marvel/Disney to produce a new Avengers project slated for 2018. An interesting decision given that Disney has closed their gaming division and handed over most projects to EA, all within the span of a year. One would have thought that EA would have complete control over Disney properties, but apparently Marvel was left off the table. EA handles the Star Wars titles for now with potential for more games in the future.

Marvel gets to continue to be the special snowflake and SE has been given the task to provide a proper video game for the crime-fighting Avengers team. A game was in the works, but cancelled in 2015 and the content for it that was released looked nice. Even passable by gaming standards. With SE at the helm, this could be the much-needed boost for super hero games to start a resurgence in the gaming world.

In general, Marvel hasn't had many games on the market. DC has been the king of comic book games, both good and bad. Outside of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, there were a few Spiderman games and the LEGO Marvel game. But that's the jist of it. Maybe it was done to protect the franchise name? Maybe Marvel felt that games weren't up to snuff with producing the content they needed (again, see Superman 64 as an example)? Whatever the reasons, this announcement should make gamers and Marvel fans quite happy. It's SE so you know you're going to get a solid product out of the collaboration, even if it's full of glitches.


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