Wednesday, March 01, 2017

3D Printed Weapons Land Gamer in Jail

Steven Sicen Sun, has been charged with four weapon offenses, one that can include a 20 year jail time, for producing 3D printed weapons based off games like Call of Duty. The Australian man printed the weapons without a permit and advertised one of them online for $1 million dollars.

It might seem extreme that someone was busted for printing 3D weapons. A number of businesses and cosplayers now use 3D printing to create living versions of fake digital weapons. But in those cases, the weapons they make are fairly obvious that they are not real. With Sun, the replica weapons were pieces that do look like their real-world counterparts. And apparently they were actively able to fire bullets - that's not good.

It's also Australia where they have much stricter gun lawns compared to the U.S. I'm sort of surprised that the police didn't file an ethics violation for the $1 million asking price on just one replica weapon. That's a gross over-charge for a weapon.

Anyway, Sun's lawyer is claiming that what he was doing was a hobby. There wasn't any intent to harm and it's just a fan showing off his love for Call of Duty and TV shows like 'NCIS.' That the laws in question were meant for individuals who are far more serious offenders then a "fan boy." Currently Sun is out on bail, but must report to a police station every Saturday until his hearing in April, and surrender his passports.

Prop making community, don't freak out. You can go about your business. Just don't make your big arse fake staves fire real projectiles, and everything will be fine.


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