Monday, March 20, 2017

Study Suggest Sexism Due to Video Games?

Happy Monday! One more day until I have another game to play through and review for next week: Mass Effect: Andromeda. March has been new game month and it's making my wallet unhappy. But hey, new games! I'm always happy to play new games. I've been spending the little free time that I have trying to get through as much of NieR:Automata as I can. Horizon has taken a back seat for now. This month has been challenging with new games, mostly because they have all involved open world/exploration. Including the latest Legend of Zelda. I have friends that are already topping out at the 60 hour mark because they enjoy running around the landscape of Hyrule. So I'm doing my best to get you all reviews in a timely manner that give the best scope of the game, even though I don't have the hours to play through them completely.

With that out of the way, onto today's main topic: video games are sexist.

Can I get a "no duh" in here?

A new study has been released from Iowa State University, UnivGrenoble Alpes in France, and Université Savoie Mont Blanc also in France. According to their research, excessive video game playing could be linked to excessive sexism among teenagers. The study surveyed over 13,000 teenagers age 11-19 in France with the questions focusing on how often they play games and their attitudes towards women. The researches don't believe that their method was perfect as it doesn't account for environmental factors, such as family, friends, school, etc. But it's a good foothold for the start of another study and a research of this scale is rare.

Since I have a subscription to the Frontiers journal website, I was able to read the full study. It's missing a few key details, and even forgoes defining stereotypes and sexism (which is the focal point of the study). Some of the questions are too broad and could be misinterpreted. It's not sexist to say women cook for their families. But it is sexist to believe that all women are homemakers and nothing else. The lack of descriptions or context can provide false positives. The paper needs to be re-reviewed for updates. I would take this with a shrug of the shoulders and move on. More credible research needs to be made before such a bold claim that "teenagers are sexist because of video games," can be made.


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