Weekly Link Round Up

We made it! Another week and we are still alive! Yea! Given how crazy some countries have been lately, it's a wonder that Fallout hasn't occurred yet.

At least we have the Weekly Link Round Up to help sate your gaming news and hopefully cheer you up. We have a list of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet. Here's what we've got:

Project Scorpio, the upgraded XBox One system is so far hitting the marks on technical specs. Details have been light, but Digital Foundry seems impressed and feels the system will live up to the promises. It can run games natively at 4k and enhance existing XBox One games. The system will run off an 8 core CPU and 12 GB of GDDR5 memory. No word on the manufacturers. Do you need a 4k television to see the improved graphics? According to Digital Foundry, you can still see enhancements without a fancy TV.  They just won't be as shiny. Check out all the details they have unearthed so far.

- Brash Games may not be a review site well known among gamers, but a number of journalists have been issuing warnings for years that people should stay away from this company. Far, far away. They are listed on Gamasutra as "closed" possibly to help blacklist them and keep people from submitting their publications. Another instance of where they remove a writers credit has cropped up, and there are plenty of screenshots showing it. The problem is Brash Games is not addressing any of the accusations. They remove the user, block them from contacting their social media, and go about their business. In general, removing someone's name from their work is a big no-no. You just don't do it. And according to other journalists, the Brash Games mantra is that you agree 100% with their rules or you'll get your work tampered with. The problem is in the US there isn't one overarching authority on journalism ethics. These are typically in-house organizations that most people follow. Some don't. The best thing to do is to spread the word. Do NOT visit the site and give them page views. And keep journalists away from signing up for their work to be stolen. (Update 9:03am: Apparently they don't pay some of their writers. They are now below "scum" level. Everyone, please remember that you are WORTH more then your words. You deserve to be paid for your work. Don't ever give away your work for free.)

- The BAFTA Awards for video games have been announced and Uncharted 4 took home the top honors for game of the year - unexpected by the developer as they didn't win in any of their other categories. Best to win the grand prize then the smaller honors, eh? Other games that received awards were Inside, Overcooked, and That Dragon Cancer. A number of indie and small studio games were nominated and won this year, helping to mark the continual shift away from big titles.

- Google's Chief Game Designer Noah Falstein has stepped down from his position to make games. Announcing his departure on his personal website/blog, Falstein had hoping that the job would allow him to explore new technologies and develop games. In the four years since taking up the post, that hasn't materialized. Initially it seemed Google was all in to joining the gaming crowd, but over the past few years that have pulled back and moved their interests else-where. Falstein has a heavy resume of being one of the first employees for Lucasfilm Arts, DreamWorks Interactive, and 3DO games. He will find a new job in no time, and hopefully back to making games!

- There's a computer out there making fake video game titles, and they are amazingly bad. A programmer made a list of every video game out there, fed the information to a computer, and it spat back new game titles, along with developers and a year. It's like the Pokémon name generator, but with games. My favorite is "The Apple of the Conspiracy (1997, Microsoft) (MS-DOS)" That one is so poignant and insightful!

- World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV are having a fun Twitter battle right now. Yesterday, streamer S1N3N asked both companies which game he should play next, and they have been in a Gif battle ever since. You'll probably see a few replies from me, because WoW is being cute and thinking they are more badass, and FF14 finds a way to one up them. It's cute. And there is an appreciation from me that SquareEnix has finally lightened up on the reigns to let the social media crew have fun with their posts. For the longest time, SE was one of those companies that was very business, by-the-book in their structure. Within the last few months we are seeing a different side of the company. They now share fan art, cosplay images, and fun stories from the offices. It's refreshing. So this Twitter battle has been amusing and so lighthearted that we need it right now.