Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PS3 Glory Days Are Gone

The PlayStation 3 is officially no more.

The last remaining system, the PS3 500 Gigabyte, was expected to end it's final run in the upcoming year. On March 23rd, Sony announced that the PS3 was no longer going to be produced with a final date on the way. We didn't expect that "soon" to be today. The official product page for the system has been listed for a while that manufacturing would end soon, but did not have a listed ETA. Shipments of the system in Japan have ceased as of today, and will end for North America in October of this year. All future models will stop production and focus will turn to the PS4.

Given Sony's stance on their systems, the PS3 had a good run. Releasing to the world in 2006, the PS3 has survived a hard-lived battle against the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. It even boosted better power then the XBox One, when that system was initially announced.

Arguably one of the system's initial downfalls were the weird spin-offs of the system itself. You had a 20 gig, a 40 gig, a 60 gig, an 80 gig, a 500 gig. Some were backwards compatible and others were not. Some required hardware add-ons for space, while others could take a memory card. When I worked in game retail at that time, the PS3 was one of the more difficult consoles to explain to customers. "Yes it's 40 gig and backwards compatible, but the 20 gig is not." It was a really strange time for the system, and somehow it was still popular. The load of exclusive games and Triple A content help solidify the system as a power-house for the upcoming decade.

PS3, we salute you for your 11 years of service.


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