Friday, May 05, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

Another week has passed. You know that means it's time for another Weekly Link Round Up. The best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet that we have found this week. What made the list today?

- Donkey Kong is finally getting inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The list was announced yesterday and includes Halo: Combat Evolved, Pokémon Red and Green (Blue in NA was originally Green in Japan), and Street Fighter II. What took them so long on DK? That's a masterpiece of the arcade era and beyond! Glad that it's getting it's recognition, but it should have been in the initial induction 2 years ago.

- Speaking of Call of Duty, CoD:WW2 is going to tackle the Holocaust says senior creative director Bret Robbins. They don't want to shy away from the history and approach it head on, and today's games could do that in a way that's respectful to people. But that's a lot of dark sh*t and I don't know if CoD is the game to do it. Feel free to prove me wrong, guys.

- When it comes to game developers, Africa is probably not high on your list of go-to's. Quartz has an amazing, in-depth article about upcomming gaming gurus who are making a mark on the industry. Games that are available on console and mobile phones and integrating African culture into their works. Really cool stuff and if you pick one article to read from this list, make it this one.

- Curious about the top selling gaming franchises of all time? has you covered with the 7 highest ranked in sales. Some of these should be fairly obvious, such as Super Mario and Call of Duty. But you probably didn't expect Need For Speed and The Sims. Since 1994, Need For Speed has sold over 150 million copies of their games, and the series is still going strong. It's considered one of the most entertaining games in the racing genre. The Sims is not far behind, a game that began as a building simulator that morphed into following the lives of the people that live in your SimCity creations. 175 million units sold is nothing to scoff at.

- Dabbing is still a trend, and of course some video game makers have gotten into the fun of it. has compiled a list of games that show off the fad. Note: Some of these games are pre-dab, so don't look too hard into it.

- Have you ever wondered what Football would be like if a BioWare designer got their hands on it? Well, SBNation asked Manveer Heir to make 3 changes to the game. The results make me want to play, and I don't like Football. Some genre's need a new perspective to capture attention.

See you next week!


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