Monday, July 17, 2017

Photos of New Atari Console!

Atari has recently released photos of their latest console in development, and it's a throw-back to the late 70's. Announced last month that the company is making a return to the market, the new system is a weird morph between the old and the new. Though smaller and much easier to stack with other consoles, the system will be available in the classic black paneling and wood-grain. It'll also be out in a black-red combo instead of the wood, and a glass option as well. Oh yes kids. The original Atari did have a glass panel. That's how 70's it was.

Currently named the Ataribox, the system will feature 4 USB slots, and HDMI connector, and an SD card reader. They do plan on re-releasing some classic games and feature modern gaming content. The specifics of what's inside the Ataribox have not been released yet, And we're still waiting on a list of games. Some obvious ones will be Pac-Man, Pitfall, and Space Invaders.

With the hype for all things "retro," this would be a good filler-console while Nintendo mucks about with their mini systems. Can't get that SNES Mini or N64 Mini (oh come on, it's probably going to happen at this rate)? No problem! The Ataribox is here to save the day with games that are just as fun to play with the family. For it to play both old and new games, I'm curious to find out what hardware will be powering it.


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