Friday, July 07, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

We made it through another week! Huzzah! And it's been a weird one. But that's okay. In very random news, I was able to secure BlizzCon passes, so I'll be able to live report from one of the biggest developer conventions in the world, all for you to absorb. I hope they have stuff for Diablo. While I bounce in my seat in anticipation over the next 4 months, let's head into the Weekly Link Round Up.

- The Escapist feels there is still a chance that video game movies could be Hollywood hits, so they have a list of 8 games that need to be movies. While the rest of us balk at the idea, it would be nice if movies got on board and produced something great, like 'Ace Attorney' and not another 'Resident Evil.' The list includes Dino Crisis and Soul Reaver, and some others such as The Last of Us which has already been optioned as a movie. The problem is, once again, people are focusing on movies that they want to see and not about what stories would work for the medium. Dino Crisis is a fun game, but it would not make for a good movie. The plot, the evolution of the characters and the dinosaurs would turn off viewers. The game works as a game. No more.

- WhatCultue (hi again) has a list of 8 "shocking" video game Plot twists that we all saw coming. It's a funny list premise, I'll give them that. Games where we guessed the ending or the special twist after the first cutscene? Alright, WhatCulture. Bring it on. What made your list?

There's Batman: Arkham Knight where you know that Batman is not Bruce Wayne - and frankly that was not really a spoiler at all. It's in the first 10 seconds of the game and all of the products sold months before it's release. Then there's Metroid: The Other M where you find out who Mother Brain is without having to guess. It's all spelled out for you early on. That's not a twist when the game tells you what to expect...okay Until Dawn is on the list. It's pretty easy to figure out early in the game who the real killer is, but it's also hidden enough that it requires brain power to make the assumption. The rest of the list is subpar, but at least they tried with Until Dawn.

- Kotaku provides an insightful article into something we all have experienced before: choking in an online video game. You're on a winning/kill streak. You're unstoppable. No one can touch you. And then someone points out that you're still alive. Or you get that voice in your head that says " haven't screwed up yet!" Inevitably you start failing. Your buddies have cursed you. Damn them!

- Pokémon Go has been out for a year. Can you believe that? This time last year I was in a park with friends, sweating my butt off in 105 degree heat, trying to catch these digital monsters. I still play. I don't spend money or play as often, but when I'm in a new city or killing time waiting for someone, I'll pop open the app. The game is still well-received and a step forward in the augmented reality market. Time Magazine's article is just one footnote on the anniversary, as it looks back at the game's successes.

- Ubisoft Toronto is trying to jump into the wonky market of toys for games with Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The toys allow you to build and customize your own ship, which is then docked and uploaded to the game for you to play. The ability to physically alter the ship is a nice touch for gamers, and a great learning tool for kids. This new IP not only looks cool, the ship parts are kind of nifty too. Hopefully this is a game that makes the rounds at expos. It'd be interesting to see how it works up close, and what the downtime is for transferring your ship to the game.


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