Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

Yes! We made it to the end of the week! Pat yourself on the back, and get ready for another Weekly Link Round Up. Some of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet this week. Here's what we've found:

- Did you know that there are a bunch of LEGO gaming sets? I didn't either. I knew about Minecraft but that was the extent of it. The Escapist rounds up a list of 8 LEGO sets that you can purchase, or build your own, right now. Some of the items on the list are custom, like the Mario figure. That's not officially licensed by Nintendo. But there is a Prince of Persia and other franchises that you can buy in stores today.

- The Guardian looks at some real-world habits that some of us transfer into the gaming world. Such as finding a bed to sleep, instead of letting the day/night cycle pass while we're running around in Grand Theft Auto Online. This feels more like an observation piece. There aren't any stats to back up the claims, and there are a few linked Tweets to gamers, but that's about it. It's silly, but it's a harmless article. And I'm sure some of us have done one of those things at least once - like obeying traffic rules.

- Put on the sad face. Gaming Bolt lists 15 developers that had to shut down, despite their lineage of stellar games. Some of the big names are on here, such as THQ and Lionhead. But you probably didn't know that Guerilla Cambridge was one of them. A merger of Guerilla Games and Millennium Interactive, they are the minds behind the Killzone titles as well as bringing notable PS3 games to the PSP.

- Kotaku decided to spend 8 paragraphs talking about the wind in The Witcher 3. No really. They did. I don't know if they ran out of material for the day, or if they are onto something. But go read and post your comments here. I don't know what to make of it!

- In case you need a reminder that females do play video games, women in the U.K. are expected to spend over £1 billion this year on consoles and games. And we don't mean moms, aunts, and grandmas buying games for their children. They are spending the money on themselves. 53% will focus mostly on mobile phones, but 37% game through a dedicated system (PS4, XBox One, etc.). Women are driving the industry, and it'll only grow from here.

- Speaking of the U.K., someone just spent £23,000 on a mint condition copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Why for so much with this game is plentiful? Two reasons: It's still in it's original manufacturer sealed cellophane wrapping. And it is one of the first editions to have been printed because it has the tab in the box. Later versions did not include this. Stadium Events is still one of the rarest of the rare games. Mario's sale price is no where near the worth of SE.

- In financial news, surprisingly EA tweaked their forecast for the year and are expecting slightly less revenues, just before Madden and FIFA hit shelves. Their first quarter broke their previous sale records, but they've adjusted the second quarter to $1.16 billion, just shy of analysts $1.18 billion prediction. This may be just a play to try and make their second-fourth sales look much better when it exceeds goals, but who knows. EA loves to confuse investors and gamers.


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