Friday, August 04, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

First things first, the images should be working again on the blog. Sorry about the delay! Photobucket use to be cool, but then they had to go and get all corporate on us so now image sharing is apparently a bad thing. Go fig. But if you see any other image errors, leave a comment and it'll get fixed.

Now! Onto the Weekly Link Round Up! The list of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet this week. Here's what we've got in store:

- I'm sure by now you all have seen NASA's new job opening for Planetary Protection Officer. Of course Commander Shepard (bro and fem) should be the top choice, but Forbes has put together a list of 7 video game characters that would fill the roll nicely. Yes that job opening is real. If you think you've got what it takes to protect the planet from inter-stellar forces, go for it!

- For the first time ever, a basketball franchised game will feature players from the WNBA. About. Damn. Time. This Fall's release of NBA Live '18 will use the current roster of WNBA players and contain at least 8 teams. The rest of the game settings will replicate the male players. This isn't the first time EA has added female teams to their sports games; see FIFA 16. But it's nice to see it actually happening. As much as we focus on male sports, women have just as many fans.

- Random video! This is what it looks like to play a video game in 16k resolution with a bunch of monitors. Sharing because it's silly and pretty.

- Hong Kong's first eSports and music festival is expected to bring in over 50,000 visitors. Created by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, teams from around the globe will be competing in multiple events, including a League of Legends tournament. Gaming is a big deal overall in China, and to have an event dedicated to eSports is a big step forward for China; Hong Kong in particular. Curious to see if there is any backlash from this. Because it is China.

- The power of Grand Theft Auto V continues as stock market shares for Take Two Interactive have continued to climb. The company continues to generate quite a bit of revenue from GTA Online, with a thriving user-base that's not afraid to plunk down real world money for in-game items. In light of this, the company has increased their revenue forecast for the rest of the year. Stock market junkies are going to be watching this one closely.

- J-Gel, a Japanese branded hair product, has a new spokesperson: Guile from Street Fighter. He's been "commissioned" to be part of the team and there is an advertisement out as well as an "interview" with him. To be fair, Guile does have some extreme locks and they always manage to look near perfect in the ring. J-Gel hopes that his influence will bring in a new brand of consumers their way.


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