Weekly Link Round Up

Good morning gamers! It's been a long week with a lot of heavy posts, so I felt giving everyone Thanksgiving off would be helpful. We're picking it back up again with another Weekly Link Round Up. Some of the best, worst, and wirdest gaming news on the internet; all right here! Here's what we have in store today:

- More Star Wars: Battlefront II articles are flooding the internet. This one by the BBC is not only a condescending title, it once again misses the mark on why Loot Boxes are bad in Battlefront. At least it's not as bad as CNBC's.

- WhatCulture has given us a list of 9 critcally-panned games that players love! Okay. I'll bite. WhatCulture has been pushing out bad lists this week. Let's see if they turn it around. On the list it's Mad Max (based off the 2015 movie), DC Universe Online, and Alpha Protocol. While I don't think most of these games were panned by critics - a 64 score on Metacritic is not bad. It's a passing grade. A 10 would be BAD. I also think their top choice of Nier was a poor call. A number of gaming journalists enjoy the game, even with it's weird control scheme and having to farm every boar on the screen. But for the most part, the list is okay. I know a number of people who stick up for Max though it was universally considered meh at best. Lots of people clamor over how great DC Universe Online was, possibly as a replacement for City of Heroes. While the list isn't perfect, it is better then what WhatCulture has been putting out lately!

- Do you like eSports? Do you like beer? Good! A number of beer companies are looking to eSports as an opportunity to sell their wares to China as the market continues to grow. The Forbes article is an interesting look inside the other industries affected by eSports, and how they continue to profit from our gaming habits.

- Curious about PAX Unplugged? ArsTechnica has a great compilation of the standout board/card games that you should get your hands on.

- Because today is a big shopping day, here are a few lists of the deals you can find this year for games:

Amazon Friday
Amazon Monday