Final Fantasy XR Ride Trailer is Out

2017 is apparently the year where theme parks keep adding or announcing video game tie-ins. Universal Studios Japan will have a Final Fantasy VR ride coming in 2018. It's part of their yearly 'Cool Japan' event. We've known about this for a few months, but this is the first time where we're getting a video on what attendees can expect.

While the 15 second trailer shows a woman in a sky car watching Cloud and Sephiroth fight in Midgar from FF7, it does open up to a sprawling landscape with chocobos. Because no Final Fantasy ride is complete without chocobos. You'll also notice with the video thumbnail that there will be content from Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter. The ride seems like it'll be a VR roller coaster. Six Flags has quite a few of these at their parks around the country. Hopefully for Universal, it's better then what Six Flags has offered.

But SquareEnix is all in on this campaign. Whether this is to help promote upcoming game releases or to show off the goods, they brought in Amano-san to create the logo for the ride. The concept of the ride is to put you into an airship and have you travel through famous landscapes throughout the Final Fantasy universe. Clearly one of them is FF7 because the world has a hard-on for that game.

The ride will be available January 19, 2018 through  June 24, 2018.