I'm not going to go off into why you need to support Net Neutrality. I've written a big ol' post about that already. We are less then a day away from the FCC voting on whether to keep it or dump it. 2 of the board members want to keep it. We know the chairman wants to get rid of it, which means there are 2 more people that we have to convince. We also have to pressure our senators to listen to us and act. 22 million comments were left on the FCC's website, a record by all accounts, and they are being disregarded. The time to act is now. Call your senators. Visit that annoying pop-up box that I've added to the blog to fill out your info and find out who to call. It takes less then 5 minutes to have your voice heard.

For those saying we did fine without Net Neutrality, the system has always been in place in some form or another. The FCC didn't make it a Title II restriction until more recently. In doing so, it put a hard line in the sand with ISP's to ensure they didn't screw around customers. Before then, there were rules in place that keep ISP's at bay. It didn't stop them from trying, but it did prevent them from going full tilt on crazy fees and price spikes. The complete disassembling of Net Neutrality will throw away the protections we need to keep the ISP's from destroying the internet.

Do your part today. Call your senators. Help save Net Neutrality. The FCC can't silence us.