So What About That Rant at The Game Awards?

Curious about Josef Fares rant on The Game Awards last week? Polygon spoke with the indie developer to get his side of the story.

Fares is the co-founder of the Swedish developer Hazelight Studio. He is the writer and director of their first project A Way Out. Originally, he was to appear on The Game Awards to debut their newest trailer, announce the game's March release date, and a unique co-op version (a friend can play the game with you for free). That sort of happened in the three and a half minute rant, with the help of a frustrated-looking Geoff Knightly. Fares said f-you to the Academy Awards and went on a tirade about microtransactions. The latter was the butt of a number of jokes for the night.

What's Fares personal beef with the Oscars? According to him, nothing. He wants video games to be taken seriously like the Oscars and movies. But that's not at all what came out of his mouth during his presentation. Apparently Fares is the type of person that gets excited easily. He lets his passion take over and isn't able to fully articulate himself. Meaning he's probably not the best person to invite onto your award show to introduce a game. At the very least, his spectacle did get his game noticed! Proving once again that there is no such thing as bad press.