Streamer "Plays" UFC Live Match on Twitch

Gamers: a friendly reminder about using streaming services. Do not broadcast what is on television, Pay Per View, movies, or anything other then a video game. Even that can be questionable.

Twitch streamer AJ Lester broadcasted an entire UFC match on Twitch, while holding a controller to make it look like he was playing a game. He even threw in commentary while "playing," about why he wasn't faring as well in the match. While amusing, this could have dire consequences for AJ Lester. The streamer has stated that he hasn't heard anything from Twitch, EA (which owns the licensing to the UFC games), or the UFC itself. But he has taken down the video of the match.

Twitch has butted heads with a number of entertainment outlets for streaming content that it shouldn't, thanks to it's users. Premier League Football matches are the most common.

Pay Per View movies and events are some of the most highly coveted content to watch since an additional fee is necessary. They have very strict rules regarding watching and broadcasting, and are not afraid to wave their legal rights to punish people who break the rules. Hopefully AJ Lester will learn a lesson from this and not get hit too severely with a fine.

Just remember kids: don't stream it, if they say not to. Re-broadcasting sports events, movies, TV shows, plays, etc, they are all under legal protection and it's near impossible to win against the companies that own the content. I know it seems like a great way to get followers, but when you get sued you'll instantly regret it.