Weekly Link Round Up

How are we doing this week? Yeah it's been pretty crappy, with the FCC doing what we expected them to do. #DouchePai led the vote on repealing Net Neutrality. While it passed in the FCC 3/2, they still have to go through legal channels and a number of states are already fighting against it. So the pop-up is going to stay and urge you to call your Congress members. We can still fight it. Do your duty!

Also, people on social media are being dicks and already spoiling 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.' So, there's that.

Well, let's try to lift some spirits and get to the Weekly Link Round Up. A gathering of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news of the week.

- The Nintendo Switch gave back one person's video games, according to a short op-ed on Kotaku. It's a quick read, but it's kind of cute. Being an adult, I can understand the writer's perspective. Not the kids thing, but having to be an adult and not having enough time to devote to video games. The compatible portability of the Switch allows him to game in-between school runs in a way he never has had to before.

- The Hollywood Reporter asks why video games are not as respected as movies? We've dabbled in this pool multiple times, but the short answer is time. Eventually games will be respected. Just as it took decades for movies to earn that position, so too will video games. But we must give it time.

- GQ Magazine calls 2017 the year of re-releases for video games! Honestly, I'm not sure if it was as big of a year for that category as it was for new games. We did get a lot of stuff - Horizon: Zero Dawn is the big one that comes to mind. But as well as sequels, prequels, a spin-off to Uncharted. So while it may have been games from franchises, they were new games. Maybe 2017 should be the year of franchises. That feels more accurate.

- BTW, Polygon has confirmed that loot boxes are the most talked about topic of the year. Solid reporting.

- USA Today has an good overview on how Player Unknown's Battleground became one of the most played games of the year. It's one of those oddities that we didn't expect to be such a big hit. But it is! The history of the game and it's development is worth a read-through.

- Curious on what the top 10 trending video game searches were on Google this year? ScreenRant has compiled the list!

- Finally Gaming Bolt has a list of 15 Generation Changing Gaming Moments. They include the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Sony's E3 Presentation from 2013, and Mortal Kombat. This list may have you scratching your head, but when you think about the choices they make sense. Products like Mortal Kombat did change the landscape of gaming - in that situation helping develop the ESRB. It's a well thought-out list and worth a read-through.