eSports Major Win for NA Counter-Strike Team a First!

When a North American team takes home a trophy for a Counter-Strike game, it's kind of a big deal. Cloud9 became the first to win a Major for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They are also the second NA team to reach grand finals after any major.

Check the stats and you'll find that a number of the top teams, and fan favorites, are from Brazil, Australia, and Portugal. It's rare to see a Canadian, US, or Mexico team crack the top 20. And yet, here we are. A franchise that is decades old and still pulling it's weight in the eSports world, Counter-Strike boasts some heavy-hitting gamers. What makes the game so appealing to eSports is that it consistently focuses on skill and strategy. To have a North American team take home a big win could help produce more viewers in future years. eSports is a growing business.