Weekly Link Round Up

Happy 2018 and welcome to the first Weekly Link Round Up of the year. A gathering of the best, worst, and sometimes weirdest gaming news on the internet. With only 4.3ish days into the new year, what has the gaming world brought us that's worth sharing?

- Nintendo is happily touting the fact that the Switch is the fastest selling console of all time in the U.S. If you're lucky enough to find one of these online or on store shelves, you'll know that it's a difficult system to come by. Still. The system has sold over 4.8 million units within the first 10 months of it's release. This beats out the Wii at 4 million units during the same window. Nintendo branded games make up the majority of purchases and console play as well. But again, it's only fun if you have one. It's still difficult to come by and once again Nintendo controls the chains of supply and demand with annoying success.

- Cloud-based gaming 'Shadow' is starting sign ups for customers in the U.S. to join their services and provide you with games to rent without you having to store anything on your computers. Over the past few years we've had mix results with other companies attempting this route, with varying degrees of success and failure. OnLive is probably the most notable. But the French start-up Blade hopes to make this a good gaming model by providing an online streaming service with little to no lag, all for a monthly fee. Everything is stored in a secure data center. You don't have to worry about a game eating up your hard drive space. It'll also allow you to play games at their best quality if you don't have the latest computer. As long as you have a monitor that can keep up with the FPS rate, then you're covered. How will this service fare? We shall see.

- GDC is around the corner, and this year will be the first for a film festival at the conference. The documentary and narrative festival will focus on the art and culture of video games. Screenings of the films submitted will be March 19 through the 21st. Also returning is the retro game play center and alt.ctrl.GDC.

- Wired would like to remind us that even realistic games like Call of Duty won't help us win real wars. No. Duh. Read this is you need a good laugh.

- Amazon released their list of the best-selling games of 2017. And it should be no surprise that a lot of Nintendo products are on there. Once again proving that you don't have to make M rated games to be popular. Only 3 games fall into the M category: Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the PS4/XBox One version of Call of Duty: World War II. That's it! Everything else is Nintendo, Switch and 3DS, and the latest Zelda ported to the Wii. And these are games for everyone. Kids are not the only ones grabbing up Super Mario: Odyssey and Mario Kart 8. We're all in on what Nintendo is offering.

- Our roundup isn't complete without a WhatCulture entry. This time it's a list of the 10 video games that are so bad, that they are good. And for once, someone did their research on this list! The entries include Two Worlds, South Park (the N64 version), and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Yeah...remember when rapper 50 Cent wanted to have his own video game series? Bad call. These are games that suffer from technical issues, bad glitches, unfortunate voice acting, bad story, or low to no character development. South Park  (64) is probably one of the better entries since it's a series a mini games disguised as an action/adventure title. It's a horrible game to play, but you can't help but be enchanted by how awful it is. You want to keep throwing snowballs, hitting turkeys, and crashing into the residents of the town. Good job on this list, WhatCulture. Sometimes you redeem yourself.