CD Projekt Red Won't Load Up Cyberpunk 2077 With Loot Boxes

Cyberpunk 2077 is the long awaited new game from CD Projekt Red (the team behind The Witcher franchise). If there's one thing you can be certain of with these developers, is that when you plop down $59.99 to buy this game, you will be getting a "full" game. No loot boxes. No pay-to-play models. Co-founder Marcin Iwiński spoke with PC Gamer about the loot box issue and why they have been staying away from including such objects in their games.

If you know nothing about CD Projekt Red or have not played their games, the interview may restore a bit of faith in developers. Some of them get it.

As of now, Cyberpunk 2077 will not have any form of loot boxes or microtransactions. There will be online elements to allow gamers to continue playing and extend the life of the game. But if customers are to shell out more money, it'll be reserved to DLC's for more game content that everyone would have equal access too. The developers are known for producing over the top, big chunks of DLC.

Iwiński continued the interview with an emphasis on the need for greater transparency between developers and their customers. Not necessarily with plot points and characters, but letting the customer know what they are buying. Is the game 5 hours or 50 hours of play time? Are there loot boxes? If so, what is the probability for getting "loot"? Etc.

But hey! At least another developer gets why gamers are mad. We need more from our games then microtransactions.