Once Again Russian News Uses Game Footage for War Story

One of the trendy things to do these days in the U.S. is to question the media constantly and call everything "false" news. (I refuse to use the wording that's been uttered by a certain someone.) But if we need to call out anyone for not having their facts straight, it's Russia. Once again Russian State TV, Channel One, has used video games to act as war footage during a news segment.

Yep. Again. And in a documentary by Oliver Stone (really? Come on Mr. Stone. You are better then that.) It's a fairly common occurrence at this point that you have to wonder why they keep showing video game footage instead of the real stuff?

The latest news story in question was to highlight the brutality of the ongoing war in Syria. Instead they showed footage from the game ARMA 3. The BBC was the first to spot the error. Channel One has issued an apology stating that the footage was in their archive from a story related to video games, and it was used in error. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen. For certain the video looks like it came from a game, and not reality. If they had even a half-way decent labeling system, they would have known that footage was inappropriate for the segment. And let's not forget, this isn't the first time this has happened. Russian television has a bad habit of doing this.

Come on Russia. At least put some effort into faking your war footage and go with 'Apocalypse Now.'