Overwatch League Set To Get Female Player?

Move over eSports. You can't keep female players out for long. It's being reported that a team for the Overwatch League is looking to sign Geguri, one of the top female players in the world. She's best known as a Zarya main (one of the few tank jobs that is rarely seen in league play) and has great stats to back up her roles as D. Va.

When the League first launched, it was exclusively all male, and there were a lot of excuses that the team managers and PR reps made regarding this. Some claimed that it was a language barrier (Geguri only speaks Korean) and that it would be more difficult to assimilate into a team that requires multiple translators. Other teams said there would be an issue with co-ed housing or that other people would think it'd be a PR stunt. Houston, we're looking at you with that comment.

Geguri dropped the info on her Twitch stream over the weekend that she has accepted an offer from a foreign team, but did not provide any additional details. Many are speculating that it's New York, given that the manager has long expressed interest in having her on the team, and the team is fully South Korean. Thus removing the issue of the language barrier. It's likely that Geguri won't play until late in the season, at the earliest, or next year. But it's the step forward the league needs to be legitimate.