Weekly Link Round Up

Happy Friday! Or Happy Good Friday if you celebrate it? Is it a holiday? I don't know anymore. There are some people not at work, but it's still a work day. But not a national/bank holiday so stuff is open. What?

Anyway; it's the Weekly Link Round Up! A collection of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet.

- Kotaku asks what if a video game knew you were streaming it? Which immediately makes me jump into thinking video games having their own, autonomous mind. Being able to jack with you while you're streaming, yelling profanities or intentionally messing up your high score to get a rise out of you. The discussion with SOS designer Ian Milham isn't about that. It focuses on creating games meant for streaming, but the idea of a game being actively aware of you streaming is creepy.

- Viz Media, which you probably know as an anime dub house, has released a video game. Weird, right? The World Next Door is an odd mix of action-adventure with Tetris and Bejewled. I don't know what to make of it, but Polygon gave it a like. That's got to account for something.

- A Washington Federal appeals court has ruled that 'Big Fish Games' Big Fish Casino' constitutes as gambling. The argument stems from whether these games promote gambling and if buying the in-game currency holds value. The original case was brought up in 2015, but was dismissed by a court in 2016. Judge Milan D. Smith of the Ninth Circuit of U.S. Court of Appeals wrote “[B]ecause Big Fish Casino’s virtual chips are a ‘thing of value,’ Big Fish Casino constitutes illegal gambling under Washington law.” This could have implications across the U.S. on these type of app/browser-based games. The ruling is limited to Washington state. This can not be applied elsewhere...for now.

- The 2018 Video Game Hall of Fame finalists have been announced. The "hall" is organized by The Strong National Museum of Play. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Final Fantasy VII is listed among the greatness of Tomb Raider and Half-Life. You can learn more about the hall of fame here, but don't take it too seriously folks. The museum is located in Rochester, New York. While it's a great looking exhibit about the history of play and toys, it doesn't have any official authority on video games.

- And now for something different: Jeff Goldbum reading quotes from video games. You're welcome.

- No roundup is complete without a list from WhatCulture. Here are 9 tiny issues that ruined the reputations of great video games! And no, these "issues" did not ruin the game's reputation. No one cares that you can't wear finger-less gloves in GTA4. Or that Max Payne got older, shaved his head, and wore a Hawaiian shirt in Max Payne 3. And by all accounts, a lot of people really like the episodic content of the latest Hitman game. Go home WhatCulture. You're drunk again.