Where's the Meat in "How-To" Gamer Articles?

I'm having a really bad year. Surprised I'm still alive at this rate. And the week continues to go downhill, so we're keeping today's post light today. Because I say so. By the way, don't buy a car form Toyota unless you want to be treated like the scum of the Earth. They'll damage your vehicle and do nothing to resolve it. #boycotttoyota That's been my hell for the last 32 days. Lucky me!

Okay! Stupid gaming story time. As eSports continues to grow, so are the articles urging you to become a pro gamer. It's super easy to get into this field, right? Everyone should do it! Of course if everyone did it, there wouldn't be any "pros" to watch or enough prize money to go around. That's not stopping the easy articles from pumping out talking about how you can be a pro gamer.

The Sun's suggestion is to find something that you like and practice. Yes, it is important that you pick a game that you like, but it's not always the best option. If you're more inclined to strategy and RTS, you're probably not going to fare well in Overwatch. The steps for The Sun's article are hilariously simple: pick a game, practice, join a club, go pro. Wow! Who knew making money could be so easy! (insert sarcasm face here)

Intel's is arguably worse, starting from the get go with a statement that you can go pro in 8 "easy" steps. Pick a game! Stay motivated! Get sponsors!

Geek.com is not much better, but at least they take a moment to mention burn-out. Yes, that's a thing. And yes, it can happen to anyone.

It's laughably bad at how so many of these articles are copy/pastes of the same content. At this point, most gamers know the basic concept of how to get into pro gaming. What we need is helpful advice on how to handle these tasks. What type of investments do we need to make? How do we factor in taxes, insurance, and retirement? Do we need to get an attorney, or does he/she need to work as a retainer for contract issues that come up? Give us the meat, news articles. Not the fluff.