How Low Can the Metacritic Score Go?

I'm not interested in talking about Dungeons & Dragons' co-creator's having their works published into video games. There are already a load of online articles covering that story.

Let's talk about games that suck. They are the worst of the worst, according to critics. Business Insider compiled the data from Metacritic, with over 15,000 games in the library, to list the 50 worst video games based on their aggregate data. While Metacritic did most of the work, Business Insider helped remove duplicates. If a game appears on multiple systems, it will show up on the overall stats more than once. The only thing I wish the story did was post reviews from the critics themselves, instead of game overviews. No one cares what the game is about. We want to know why it's so bad!

And before you ask, no. Superman 64 is not on the list, because it's not on the Metatacritic site! I know. I was shocked to find that out too. That easily would have taken the top spot. Instead it's a family game titled Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade for the WiiU. This review from Eurogamer Sweden is my favorite: "I'm really upset that it isn't illegal to sell garbage like this to innocent children, at a very steep price at that. Any kid who gets this as a Christmas present will have his or her holidays ruined, and anyone who bought it should get their money back with personal apologies from the game's developer." The game ranks an 11/100 on the critic score and 1.1/10 for users. Harsh.

I'm also loving that other games like Yaris and Alone in the Dark: Illumination are here. I knew they were bad games, but not Metacritic low score bad. Take a spin at the list today and see if you can spot some well known games. Are some of your least favorites listed?