NBA eSports League Starting May 1st on Twitch

It's no surprise that with the success of the Overwatch League, other games are jumping on board. The NBA has created their own eSports league and has signed a multi-year broadcast with Twitch and Amazon directly to exclusive streaming rights. The venture is tied in with NBA 2K, a longstanding staple in gaming tournaments. The league will be launching May 1st and access to viewing the content is 100% free (with ads of course unless you're a Twitch Prime member).

The NBA is the first sports coalition that has developed an eSports league that will be housed under their umbrella. Which also means that any gaming pros have to follow the NBA's rules of conduct. Blizzard, you might want to take note of this. The NBA 2K League will mimic the standard NBA game schedule including draft seasons - roughly 199 games in a year. Individual franchises (such as the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors) will host teams of 6 gamers. They will be paid at least $32k for the year as the base salary, along with any prize winnings, plus insurance, retirement plans, and housing will be covered.

Best of luck to the league and the gamers!