PUBG Developer Suing Copy-Cat Games

With the popularity of PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds, it' should be no surprise that copy-cat games have been released en-mass to capitalize on the craze. PUBG Corp. has filed a suit against NetEase for 2 games that they claim are clones of their product.

The games Rules of Survival and Knives Out, they claim mimic the PUBG look and sounds, including catchphrases. The lawsuit also claims that the games used false advertising by promoting content only available in PUBG, and not in the NetEase products. You can see game play comparisons throughout YouTube that, if given different shading and colors, the products are pretty similar.

Originally PUBG Corp. sent a notice to Apple to have the apps removed from the iPhone store, but NetEase refuted the claim - this sparked the lawsuit. PUBG is asking for damages from the potential loss in sales, and for the games to no longer be available. No court date has been set yet, but there's a good chance NetEase will fight against the lawsuit.