The King of Kong has Been Dethroned Again!

The King of Kong has been knocked off his perch. Billy Mitchell, the uncontested champion of multiple arcade games for decades, has had his scores removed from the Twin Galaxies library after a dispute arose from one of the members, Jeremey Young (@xelnia). You can read the full statement from the site here.

Twin Galaxies was one of the first authorities on recording game scores in the arcade era - spanning decades of rosters and stats. They are pretty much the go-to for all things "records" when it comes to games. Mitchell has been a mainstay for Twin Galaxies, even acting as a psuedo-celebrity for their events. Young provided evidence that the original Donkey Kong game board could not possibly replicate Mitchell's score without modifications being made. He compared Michell's infamous "King of Kong" video tape (one that Mitchell sent in to throw Steve Wiebe off the podium) to the game's technical specs. Twin Galaxies did their own testing and recruited 2, third party sources, to verify Young's claims.

Twin Galaxies score records require gamers to use the original hardware only. No modifications. No alterations.

With their findings, the group has removed all of Mitchell's records. He is also no longer the first to reach 1 million points in Donkey Kong. That honor will go to Steve Wiebe - who did this in person at a Twin Galaxies event with an official machine.

What's next? Mitchell can attempt to dispute the findings, but it may be difficult to overturn this decision given how thorough Twin Galaxies was with their investigation.

If that musical is still being planned, this is another plot twist to the saga!

Update 1:23pm: I beat Kotaku to a story. Huzzah!