Weekly Link Round Up

Good morning gamers. It's not Friday, but that doesn't stop us from rolling out the welcome rug for the Weekly Link Round Up! A collection of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet this week. Here's what we've got in store:

- If you live in the UK and want to work for a developer, you should probably avoid Rockstar North and King. After a law passed in 2016/2017, companies with 250 or more employees were required to report on salaries to compare the figures between men and women. This was meant to help combat the issue of the gender pay gap. Seeing the numbers for Rockstar are sobering, and utterly depressing. Game Industry.biz crunched the numbers and determined that women at Rockstar are paid 64% less than their male counterparts per an hourly rate. 69% of developers have a larger gender wage gap than most businesses in the UK. This must change if we expect growth in video games.

- Have you all heard of the epic tale of Moirai? A game that found viral fame when it was meant as a pet project that shouldn't see the light of day. The developers other game, Expand, was suppose to help propel the company to make more games. Moirai wasn't meant to work, and it was hacked. This is a bizarre story that could only happen in today's digital age. Check out the CNet article for more details.

- If you "play" the stock markets, you might be wondering if Fortnite is impacting shares with other businesses. In short: maybe. The free to play game is boosting Epic's value to the gaming community, but may be pulling away gamers from pay to play properties. As such, some stocks for EA and Activision have been doing a dance. While they are still ahead in gains, there is the concern that free to play games, as they continue to improve in quality, will start causing a financial mess for other developers. Personally, I think people are worrying too much about the stocks and not on the quality of the games - that's the bottom line in what will sell.

- Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku lists out the 16 types of video games, and it's not by genre. There are "types" based on one's life and how those games work into it. The time wasters, the exploring, the gathering, the "I bought this on sale and will never have time to play it" game. This article was eerily relate-able. I have a catalogue of games that would qualify as 'guilty pleasure' or 'maybe-someday.'

- This is a little too late for anyone to really care, but the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War developers have recently realized that their loot box system is screwed up. In a blog post this week, Monolith has announced that they will be removing gold boxes and the market from the game with a July 17th update that is free to all users. The ability to purchase gold will end on May 8. At this point, people have either played the game or have opted to not touch it given how restrictive the content is without buying loot boxes. But the announcement is better than nothing? It took a while, but the developers finally listened and are making changes to improve the player experience.

- We love WhatCulture lists on this round up. Here is their ranking of 8 video games that were sold on 'stupid' gimmicks. This time it's a video! A nice 7 minutes to kill during your break today. And if your first thought was "That SEGA Seaman game better be on there," well good news. It is. That was one of the best gimmicky games ever released.