Another Retro Console is Coming Back in Mini Form

In an age where everything is getting rebooted and re-released, the Neo Geo is joining the fray thanks to SNK. In celebration of their 40th anniversary, the company is making a Mini version of the Neo Geo unit - an oddly contested console that old school gamers either love with a passion or hate. SNK teased the product a few weeks ago and made the official announcement yesterday.

The Neo Geo Mini will be based on the MVS arcade unit and not the home console. Which means proper arcade fight sticks. Sweet.

The unit will have a 3.5 inch LCD screen and pre-loaded with 40 games. The list of games have not been announced, but assume a full SNK line-up including Metal Slug and King of Fighters (hint, check out the top of the Mini to see some of the games listed). It will also have an HDMI port, if you want to blast the game on a larger screen, a headphone jack, and 2 controller ports for more people to play.

The Neo Geo Mini will come in 2 versions: Japanese and International, so it will make it's way over to the U.S. and Europe. No price point or release date has been listed yet.