Atari Crowdfunding: Round 2

After last year's announcement that the Atari was making a comeback with a new "retro" inspired console, the company has hit a few snags along the way. Their last attempt at crowdfunding was put on hold for an unspecified reason. But they are ready to try again with pre-orders of the new re-named Atari VCS starting May 30. The starting price will be $199 if you sign up early, with an expected retail of $250-$300 at release.

The system is still slated to include a custom-built processor made by AMD, with an output for 4K monitors at 60 frames per second. And with any modern console it'll also have dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB 3.0 and on-board data storage. The console will include the "Atari Vault," a collection of 100 classic Atari games. The Atari VCS is sounding more like it's trying to be a living room PC than a throw-back to the original Atari.

Will the average consumer buy an Atari? It's hard to say for certain. So many are happy with our PC's, cellphones, and current gen consoles to make up our entertainment needs. The Atari's appeal is most likely to hit the interest of the 30+ gaming crowd. Those of us who grew up with the original system and would appreciate the call-back to our childhood. But as something that will replace our PS4 and XBox One? Not likely.

We'll be keeping an eye on the crowdfunding to see what happens next.