Best Buy Ending Gamer Savings Program?

Best Buy appears to be shutting down their Gamers Club program, according to a leaked memo. Gamers Club Unlocked, for those unaware, gave a 20% discount to members for new games and pre-orders, along with a 10% savings on used games, and a 10% bonus trade in credit. All for $30 with a 2 year membership. That's a good deal if you're a Best Buy fan. Even if you only purchased 3 new games during those 2 years, you'd get your money's worth.

The webpage for Gamers Club Unlocked now directs people to Best Buy's generic rewards program. The company hasn't made an official announcement yet, but it should be soon. According to the memo, Point of Sales systems would stop asking customers who are purchasing video games if they would be interested in the club. Current users will receive the same benefits in store and online until their membership expires, with no option to re-subscribe.

Best Buy isn't the first, as more retailers like WalMart, GameStop, and Amazon roll back incentives to purchase new games with memberships. The value of the game is too great and was probably eating into their sales numbers. Here's some insight to the retail world you probably weren't aware of: most of a company's earnings from gaming products come from the games. Consoles are usually purchased for 3-5% below the retail price. Accessories like headsets and controllers, 20-25%. Games are anywhere from 45-85%. It makes better sense as a retailer to push employees to sell games. When you have rewards programs that eats into the potential earning of the game, the numbers quickly pile up.

So if you need a place to look for discount games, you'll have to bargain hunt like the rest of us.