PUBG Suing for Copyright Infringement

Unsurprising to no one, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds studio PUBG Corp., a subsidiary of Bluehole, is suing Epic Games' South Korean branch for copyright infringement in Fortnite. With PUBG Corp. having a tendency to sue, this was long on the horizon. According to the Korean Times, the lawsuit was originally filed in January, claiming that the Battle Royale mode copies PUBG's interface and items.

What has most likely kept the two companies in a tentative no-sue zone is that Tencent owns shares in both developers. When you have an overarching business that holds control, it's easier to willing to play nice to a point.

PUBG Corp. has had a reason to sue the more obvious clones of it's original game. This new fight against Fortnite is one that I'm not seeing a reason behind. Watching videos of both games in "battle royale" mode, their interfaces are not showing similarities that immediately speak out as "wow, they copied that!" The same with the items. There are going to be some matching concepts such as a health potions revive hit points - but that's the case with the majority of games on the market. So what is PUBG's ultimate goal here? Probably to knock Fortnite down a few pegs to help get gamers back. But we'll see what happens next in South Korea's court system.