'Star Citizen' Is Asking Gamers to Spend More to the Tune of $27k

Star Citizen, the Kickstarter funded video game that won't give up, has dropped a new donation tier that is excessively expensive. For $27,000.

Yep. You read that right. $27,000 for the Legatus Pack. All in-game items. No physical content.

And you can only gain access to purchase this pack if you have donated/spent $1,000 previously. It's more like a $28,000 Legatus pack.

The high price is not only unusual, but one heck of a marketing ploy. At least with Saint's Row IV Million Dollar pre-order you got physical items including 2 lavish vacations, spy school training, and a car. It was a Prius, but with the insurance covered. A Prius can be pimp.

What do you get with the Legatus Pack? All 117 spaceships in the game and 163 other pieces of content, like skins and ship upgrades. $27k for 117 digital ships.

Cloud Imperium continues to pull in donations for this game ever since it's 2012 Kickstarter campaign. It's fascinating to watch how this one game is still pushing for completion when others would have fallen. Even with high profile lawsuits and refund requests from unhappy backers, Star Citizen is still moving on. They've officially signed other actors like Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson for voice work. The alpha-stage MMO (yep, it's still in alpha) has over 2 million users registered, and the company has raised nearly $200 million.

While the pack seems excessively overpriced, there will be those gamers with the income who are happy to buy in. Why waste time farming and amassing your ships when you can pay to win?