Weekly Link Round Up

Is it me, or does it seem like today should be Saturday? It's certainly hasn't felt like a fully-functioning proper week. Well, let's get the Weekly Week Round Up underway. A collection of the best, worst, and sometimes weirdest gaming news on the internet for the week. Here's what we've dug up:

- The NES Classic will be back on store shelves this June, to the surprise of no-one given how popular the retro system was. But Mashable argues that older games from the Atari and NES days are not living up to their legacy, and becoming more difficult to play with each passing year. From the simple button mashing mechanics to the graphics, are older games not as entertaining as today's modern fare? I'll have to agree to disagree with Mashable on this one. While some titles like Pitfall have not aged well, Final Fantasy III is worth the investment of one's time for the story. Way more than FF15. Fancy graphics does not equate to a better game.

- Kotaku makes a good point about today's games. We need more dogs, and we need to be able to pet them! Developers, get on it!

- Politico has rounded up a listing of the members of Congress who are also gamers. As we have aged and become more active in our communities and politics, it was going to happen sooner or later that gamers would be involved on Capital Hill. Though the stigma around gamers is still there, as on Lovett, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, commented. Binge-watching a television show is considered more normal compared to being a gamer. But the shift is coming. Over a billion people were playing a video game in 2013. That number has easily risen, if not doubled with the immediate access to cell phones these days - a necessary part of our lives. It won't be long until everyone in Washington D.C. elected in is a gamer.

- If you need a reminder that some gaming companies are making a lot of money, even with the loot box controversies, here's a list of revenue for 2017 for the top 10 developers/studios. EA is still sitting pretty in spite of it all.

- WhatCulture has pulled together a list of the 10 Best Video Games created by One Person. This is very much an indie list, but a number of these games have seen world-wide success since their creation, such as Minecraft and Braid. Even Papers Please and Tetris make an appearance. Are there better options? Sure. But for WhatCulture, this is a good list.

- On the other end of the spectrum, WhatCulture lists 8 Terrible Video Games Made By Amazing Developers. And yes, this list is true to the WhatCulture name by listing games that shouldn't be on there. Such as the Telltale CSI game, and Star Fox Zero from Platinum Games. Are the phenomenal titles? No? But are the terrible? Far from it. These are games that are enjoyable for a time and maybe don't call back to you to play again, but that's okay. You were entertained for a time, and that's what the game was meant to do. So WhatCulture once again evens out their score with their strange lists. Good job, team!