Weekly Link Round Up

It's the Weekly Link Round Up! We survive another week. Rejoice! Which means it's time to amass the collection of the best/worst/weirdest gaming news on the internet...this week. Here's what we've found:

- Apple has decided it doesn't want to play nice with Steam, and plans to block the company's app 'Steam Link.' Valve had planned to release a free mobile app that would allow gamers to utilize their Steam dashboard to stay up to date with friends and continue playing their games remotely. Variety was the first to report on the app not being approved by Apple, and the company has not released a statement as to why. Most likely, it's because Steam and Apple are direct competitors in the gaming market. While Apple focuses on mobile games, they may see Steam Link as a viable threat to their bottom line. Why would people spend money on downloading games through Apple when they can use Steam instead - with a direct line to their home computers? Steam's app may be delayed for iPhones indefinitely.

- Tencent is getting bigger, acquiring controlling interest in another game studio: Grinding Gear Games. The company is known for buying stakes and shares in start-up gaming companies with the intent of maintaining sole rights to publish the product in China. A smart move given China's censorship laws. Tencent can ensure games are produces to meet China's standards. With a market that continues to grow, they are the top gaming company in Asia, if not the world.

- Fans of TotalBiscuit are likely to be aware of the news. After announcing that he was stepping back from game reviews and critiques earlier this month, John Bain passed away yesterday at the age of 33 after a long battle with cancer. While I did not follow his work, I know many who did. May his family find the peace they need during this time, and well wishes to his fans.

- With all the E3 leaks, Ubisoft has decided to reveal their presentation lineup early. Except for the rumored games and the surprises, of course. Beyond Good & Evil 2, For Honor, Rainbow 6 Siege, Tom Clancy...okay you get the drift. It's what you'd expect from Ubisoft. Their E3 briefing will be on June 11 at 1pm PT.

- Apparently there's a video game call out in the 'Solo' movie to Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (movie spoilers here if you click). Ignore AppTrigger/Fandsided argument that it's the worst Star Wars game. I'm still confused on why this was even brought up in the movie. Someone offhanded mentions that they learned how to fight through the art of Teras Kasi. Weird.

- With E3 around the corner, GamingBolt has a list of 15 games you'll never see at the annual conference. And while some of the games on the list make sense, such as Blizzard products (given that the company has their own expo specifically to announce content), others are giant question marks on logic. Like Shenmue 3. The game was announced at E3 to help bolster crowdfunding. That's how it made so much money so quickly! Other games are lost hopes of fans that will never come to fruition, such as Bully 2 and Dead Island 2. Or they are games like Agent which were also announced at E3 but have not been touched since then. Nice try GamingBolt, but you may want to do more research on this one.

- Because a Weekly Link Round Up would not be complete without a WhatCulture list, here are 10 open-world video games you must play before you die. If you think that this list is mostly made up of games released in the past 5-8 years, you would be correct! Horizon: Zero Dawn makes the list (which shocked me), as well as The Witcher 3 and so many repeats of the same ol' same ol'. I think people have forgotten about the lost time of the PlayStation 1 and XBox, which had some really cool open world games from Bioware and Squaresoft. Go give the first NiER game a shot and see what happens.