Disney Airs and Censors E3 Presentations

For some reason Disney decided it would be a good idea to play the E3 conferences on the Disney XD channel. And then they censored the crap out of it.

Through a partnership with IGN, Disney XD streamed big presentations vicariously throughout the weekend and will continue until the show ends. However Disney is Disney. And Disney XD is a kids-focused channel. Knowing full well that a lot of T to M rated games are highlighted at these presentations, why would Disney want to tempt fate?

Well they did it anyway, opting to show footage from the event and cutting to an animated title screen of "IGN Live E3 2018" whenever content was censored. A YouTube video uploaded by Richard Crosby showed an instance of this during The Last of Us 2, just after the kissing sequence. The footage cuts to the animated title right after and it could have some questionable implications.

A spokesperson from Disney XD commented that "The Disney XD policy does not allow for gratuitous violence in programming that children may be viewing." Which is fine. But according to viewers some of the cutting was "sloppy" and poorly done - some of the violent content and harsh language still aired. Not to mention they were showing cinematics of T and M rated game content on a kids channel. You can't show that and cut away to a title card without drawing attention. Kids will go online and seek out the full stream/trailers. They are smart and they have the access.

Why Disney decided to air the event is beyond my comprehension. Maybe they're trying to be the next G4? They probably showed off Gears Pop since it didn't have violence in the teaser. This did not send the right message.