Nintendo Direct at E3 2018 - Final Screen!

The last big presentation for E3 is Nintendo. Today's conference should be a good round-up on the weird weekend of pre-E3 events. Nintendo has already announced a new Mario Tennis, 2 Pokémon games that will tie in with Pokémon Go, and a few games on mobile and/or other consoles are making their way to the Switch. So we're probably not going to get many surprises here. It's too soon for another Legend of Zelda game to be announced - same with a larger Mario title. I think the focus on the show is going to be more of Labo and some third-party games that will see new life on the Switch. Oh and Super Smash Bros. That's listed on their site as a topic. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get another accessory? More than likely Fortnite will come to Switch, another Mario Party will be announced, and probably a review of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee.

Nintendo Direct will be live starting at 9am EST, 11am CST, 12pm EST.

11:45am mini-review: Turns out I was mostly right! While most of the presentation focused on the new Smash Bros. we did see a new Mario Party, Fortnite releasing at 10am PST today for free, and another quick look at Pokemon Let's Go. Mario Party appears to support mobile play for the most part, allowing systems to link with each other for co-op. New levels, new mini games, and hopefully some new characters.

Some more footage from Splatoon 2 is available, a couple of anime-esque RPG games - the usual Nintendo fare. Smash Bros. was the main attraction. The newest version will contain all fighters from the previous game, upgrades to the battle system (too much dodging will eventually slow down your character's dodge movements, 1v1 battles will do more damage versus an arena full of characters), ultimate changes, and 2 new characters - Ink Girl/Boy (Splatoon) and Ripley (Metroid). The biggest news is that the game is releasing December 7 this year and a GameCube controller will be released for players to purchase, with the Smash logo.

While it was fun to watch, Nintendo is still always predictable. They keep their presentations light, fun, and with some enjoyable surprises that are not Earth-shattering. And they know how to keep their content to the point! Thanks for not dragging the presentation on for an hour!

Gamers...that's it! No more presentations! Whew. The past 4 days have been extra busy. I think we could all use a nap.