Sony E3 2018 Showcase

Up next we have Sony/PlayStation with their showcase of stuff and things! You can watch it live, and listen to the groovy tunes.

7:48pm: Tunes are still grooooovy.

7:56pm: Slightly different format for the first few posts, but here are my hopes with this showcase: 1 - That it will be only an hour long so I can do something else tonight before passing out into bed immediately after this. 2 - We'll get some exclusive games that are new titles and not another Uncharted. 3 -  Something from Square Enix that's new and not the same bad Kingdom Hearts III trailer. 4 - Please let this only be an hour long.

There is a strange animated short playing right now with 2 robots, a banana or a bean with a guitar, and someone stuck in a piano while something that sounds like Minions tries to sing...this might be weirder than Ubisoft's opening of the dancing panda.

- Now we're starting. Looks like they crowded everyone into a barn? Oh...a church? The Church of Sony? With nice microphone/sound setup. #sarcasm This feels like a 2002 presentation. How retro.

"We're going to take a deeper look at content we've talked about before." Lame.

- This is a very weird set-up and I don't know how well this will work. It's very much a "stripped down" barebones set. No fancy stage designs. A few strings of lights. A simple sound system. One giant projector on the stage. No filter between the stage and the audience. Most people are standing. A banjo player is accompanied by a very light backtrack with a flute and another string, but it's faint. Not sure if it's a song from a game or what it's for, but there's our show opener!

- Oh...okay the crazy ass barn makes sense now. It's tying in to a Naughty Dog game with a very similar look. Unfortunately with this set-up, the sounds is going to reverberate unless the feed cuts to a direct line to the audio as well as the video. So it sounds strange on the stream right now.

Looks like it's more The Last of Us Part II. Also, hi Glenn from 'The Walking Dead.' We miss you! From the cutscene we go right into gameplay. Much of this looks very familiar with the last game where sneaking is your friend. But instead of zombies, you're fighting against humans mostly. Combat seems more intuitive and making Ellie to be a superhuman. But without knowing what the gamepad layout is, we can only go off the video we were given.

- Sony is taking an intermission to move people to the next experience. It seems like they are moving people through multiple rooms that are themed to the games. That's my theory so far. In-between they have announcers/hosts to expand on what we've seen. Also, clearly, this is going to be long and we're not going to be done in an hour. 0/3 on hopes! It also looks like some additional trailers will be played during the intermissions so not all is lost - maybe we'll see something new! While Sony is not planning any big announcements or new titles, we should get some updates on some current games and projects we've known about for a while.

- Confirmed for God of War 4 will be a new game plus mode. Details will be released at a later date on the PlayStation blog.

-  Aside: I played Beat Saber at PAX. Congrats to the team for getting on the PS4 and for being recognized by PlayStation as one of their 5 new game announcements in their E3 countdown!

- Back at the presentation and in the second room! Ghosts of Tsushima. This room looks more like a planetarium with it's space and seating. A much larger projection screen. A man is playing the shakuhachi at the front with footage of a grassy field behind him. Cut to the projection screen and we see a lone warrior, possibly a samurai, during day nine of the Mongol invasion. He's overlooking a landscape and a town ravaged by the invaders. Visually, this is really beautiful. Borderline cinematic with film. And then the Samurai goes stealth! (Are gamers really into stealth these days? That's the trend I've been seeing with a lot with today's content.)

- The weird banana/bean showed up for a 5 second interlude. Unsure why. But okay Sony. You do you.

- A quick look at Control from 505 Games and Remedy. Inception meets game design. Set for a 2019 release. We can now confirm that Sony is giving us a bit more than 4 games and 4 themed rooms.

- Resident Evil! Sequence starts out with two men fighting in a super market and one ends up being a zombie, until our fateful hero steps in to save the day. The Raccoon City police logo was the first thing you could see on Leon's personage. Resident Evil 2 remake is coming out end of January in 2019! Back to Racoon City we go.

- From the creators of Rick and Morty, here's a game. Trover Saves the Universe. This is why we didn't get another season.

- Kingdom Hearts III again, but at least it's not the damn Frozen trailer. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are harassing Jack Sparrow from Pirates 3. So not only do you get to use a Gummi ship again, you can play on a pirate ship. This is officially way more ridiculous than previous games. I could give a pass on Tron, but when you start throwing in more live action movies, it gets silly. It's very clear that these SE/animated Disney characters do not belong in the same universe as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also, the trailer stopped with the sound effects about 1 minute in. WHY? The sound mixing was atrocious. :( Oh, and there will be a limited edition PS4 with a collection of the 5 billion games affiliated with KH.

- Kojima time with Death Stranding and the Reedus fetus! We still don't know what this game is about. But we are getting some glimpses. Norma Reedus' character has the ability to see an invisible monster. He carries a lot of tactical gear and you're going to do quite a bit of exploring. We're seeing another character for the first time that isn't del Torro. Reedus character can somehow be reborn if he's caught by the invisible enemies. That might be where the fetus comes into play. Kojima, keeping it real...crazy.

- Quick teaser for Noah 2 that tells us nothing. More of the random animations.

- Onto Spiderman which continues to be one of the few superhero games that does well in spite of the flaws.Given the success of 'The Avengers' it's likely that this game will feature more humor and one-liners that are similar to Peter Parker's movie counterpart.

- Okay and....that's it? I think? That was weird and such an impromptu ending.

During the intermission I could have sworn that they said they were going to focus on deep dives of 4 games and it seemed like they were going to have 4 rooms with 4 stylish settings to take people into the games. That didn't happen. It was 2 rooms and that felt like a waste of time. They should have kept everyone in one space and not paused the event.

They also showed some other stuff - more than 4 games. We saw something different for Kingdom Hearts III, a confirm on Resident Evil 2 remakes release date, and Ghosts of Tsushima which I don't know what this is but I want to take photos of everything in this game.

It was an odd presentation. It had some weird transitions with the animations. But at least it was short and not a lot of fluff. It was content driven and provided us more weirdness of Death Stranding. Anything Kojima is an instant win.

But we're not done! Tomorrow it's Nintendo and the official opening of E3.