SquareEnix E3 2018 Presentation

SquareEnix panel is live now at E3. Unfortunately I won't be able to blog this as it's occurring. I'm at work but I will be updating this post later this evening with the full rundown!

Right now I'm seeing a quick edit of the Patch 4.3 trailer for Final Fantasy XIV. Little old now but, hey. If you're not in FF14 it's shiny.

But wait...they threw down a Palico in the game. And, what's this? A Monster Hunter tie-in? What are you up to this time Yoshi P?

TLDR: No mention of Final Fantasy 7 or the anticipated Marvel: The Avengers. The brief pieces I was able to see were trailers that have already been shown at the XBox conference. It's content we knew was coming or was already out there: Just Cause 4, another Tomb Raider game, Kingdom Hearts III. Once again SquareEnix can't seem to make up it's mind on how to approach these events.

4:32pm: Okay! Recap time! SquareEnix's presentation: their return after a 3 year break was about as lackluster as EA's. With most of the narration performed by Keith David (Chaos from the Dissida series, or Goliath from Gargoyles if you're a 90's kid), the event was a speedy 30 minutes long and full of trailers with the occasional "dev chat" in between.

As mentioned previously, the content that Square chose to focus on has already been revealed either with announcements made earlier this year, or showcasing the same trailers from the XBox presentation. They started with Tomb Raider, which again looks like it'll be a nice raiding romp. Some game play was provided along with a crafting system. This appears to be more of a stealth game.

Immediately it jumps to Final Fantasy XIV latest patch: Under the Moonlight. With a Monster Hunter tie-in that has no details yet. Followed by 2 of the developers talking about Captain Spirit and how he fits into the Life is Strange universe. Than it's Dragon Quest XI. The Japanese version has been out for a while now, so there is nothing here we haven't already seen. There's a game called The Quiet Man which might be okay? Appears to be an action-oriented game? The problem is most of these are teasers and provide very little content to determine what's going on.

After that, Platinum Games teams up with SE again for Babylon's Fall. No details provided on what kind of game it is. We see a man slay another in really cool armor. That's it. This is followed by NiER: Automata the complete edition for the XBox One. And then Octopath Traveler, an RPG for the Switch that looks like Tactics but with a Harvest Moon face.

Several minutes are dedicated to Just Cause 4, with the team talking about how they wanted to make the environment even more destructive. Because that's exactly what the game needed: more violence.

Kingdom Hearts III was a disappointment in this presentation as it was the same trailer as yesterday. Even worse, the sound editing appears to have been completely intended. Maybe it was to focus on Utada's song playing over the dialogue? However, you couldn't help but focus on the questionable voice acting when there are no sound effects to accompany the game.

And with that, the presentation came to an end! 30 minutes of trailers with nothing new brought to the table. No FF7. No The Avengers. The same stuff we have already seen.

Square...what were you thinking? If you're trying to sell your status as a big name in the west, you failed. At the end of the presentation, the company prompts viewers to watch throughout the week as they make more announcements. Hopefully they are better than this event.

At the very least, the SquareEnix store is offering up to 80% off select titles until 6/18. That's something.