Disney Theme Parks Have an App

Disney theme parks are notorious for one thing these days: lines. If you search for "Disney World/Land/Paris/Tokyo Lines" you'll find a myriad of topics and queue sites that give you an estimate of how long you'll have to stand in line for a ride, or to see a character. The days of stumbling across a character randomly in the park are over. You now have to schedule when you want to do a meet and greet for yourself or your child. And even when you over-prepare, you're still guaranteed a line wait. Lines for the Teacups. Lines for fast past. Lines for VIP. Everywhere there is a line.

Disney released an app on June 30th in the hopes of making the wait a little more bearable. Play Disney Parks is the first product straight from the Imagineers and it relies on GPS technology to make it only usable within the parks. The Imagineers are Disney's term for those who work behind the scenes to merge technology with innovation to add more life to Disney's parks.

The app allows you to play games and interact with the environment around you while you're waiting in line. There will be a game for Toy Story Land (opening soon, so you know the lines will be 3-5 hours long), Hollywood Studios, and at Space Mountain. Each game allows you to do different things, like tap on sounds to hear a playlist made for the attraction. There are also trivia games that you can tie in to your Disney account and earn points. Points that have no value, but points! The app will continually be updated to add new games and features as it's lifetime expands, with features to be added when the Star Wars section opens up in 2019.

Will this app help speed up wait times in lines? No. Only a lot of money will, and even then there are still waits. But maybe it'll help make the standing around a little more tolerable.