Special Olympics USA Embrace Gamers

The Special Olympics USA Games were held this week and wouldn't you know it, video games were included. While the IOC continues to debate the sustainability of video games in their event, the Special Olympics have already acknowledged the power of gaming by introducing it this year.

Partnering with Microsoft, gamers battled it out on Forza Motorsport 7. Eight teams of 2 players competed for first place. Microsoft worked with Forza developer Turn 10 Studios to determine how the event would run - qualifying rounds, tournament format, etc. The game is a single-player activity. Players would run a course and then their partner would run the same map. The two times are combined to form their overall run "score." The lower your time, the better your score.

Hopefully the Special Olympics will continue to keep video games as a segment of their program. And this may be a model that the IOC can utilize in the near future.